Finding the right programme

Scroll down our homepage or search by topics under the menu item „What's on” for current programmes. Additional offers are available here for group bookings. Click on „Read more” to see all information on the selected programme.

Steps of booking

1. Please read the programme information carefully. In the footer of the page, you can also find the relevant Terms & Conditions that describe all circumstances in detail.

2. If you wish to book the programme, click on the „Book” button. You can then decide whether you will use the online booking request form or call us for instant booking. If the programme starts within 24 hours, we suggest that you call.

3. If you choose the online form, please select the requested date and language first.

4. Provide the number of participants by the age groups specified. The actual price will appear in the cart of services. (Except for some of the group bookings and discount programmes when you will receive a quote in e-mail.)

5. Please provide your name and an e-mail address where we can reply to your booking request. A phone contact may also be useful to get in touch with you if necessary.

6. Select payment mode as it is comfortable for you. (For group bookings, only advance payment will be available. This may range from a lower deposit up to the full price.) You can make the booking process shorter if you provide an address that we can use for invoicing. (If you prefer, you can also do this at a later time.)

7. Please accept the Terms & Conditions of the service and our Privacy Policy.

8. In the Notes field, provide any additional information important with regard to your booking request.

9. Click on the „Send request” button.

Booking confirmation

We reply to your booking request confirming your booking within 24 hours (usually this takes less than 1 hour). If you do not find our mail, try also to check in the Promotions / Spam folders. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, please call us at +36-70-325-4444

In the case we do not have a guide available for the programme chosen, we will try to offer an alternative date or programme for you.


If you requested on-site payment, you will pay and receive an invoice at the programme. For online advance payments, we will send an invoice and a link transferring you to the secure online payment site of Paypal. You can then pay for our service using your PayPal account or the major credit cards.
(For other transfer options, please contact us via email.)