The Terms & Conditions below apply to all programmes organized by Hunscapes Ltd. (hereinafter the Company) and make part of the contract between the Company and the Customer. Along with this Terms & Conditions, the programme description and the general information on the circumstances of services on the web page of the Company (hunscapes.hu), data displayed on the booking confirmation and the invoice all make part of the contract. Issues not included into this document are governed by the relevant articles of the Act on the Civil Code.

1. The Company
Name: Hunscapes Ltd.
Registered office: 1031 Budapest, Petúr u. 37.
Phone: +36-70-325-4444
E-mail address: info@hunscapes.hu
Tax code: 25523168-1-41
Corporate registration no. 01-09-280076

2. Booking and Service Contract
Bookings can be made via email, phone or using the on-line booking form at the website of the Company. Customers enter the contract by placing an order and accepting the Terms & Conditions. By accepting the Terms & Conditions, the Customer also declares that he has read and accepts all information on and conditions of the service displayed on the website. The Company acknowledges receipt of the booking and entering the contract with an electronic confirmation.

3. Participation Fee
3.1. Prices are inclusive of service items as specified in the on-line programme description.
3.2. The Company reserves the right to announce sale of the programmes at specific dates or to specific group of customers at a discounted price. This does not affect the conditions and the fee of other dates and participants of the programme concerned.

4. Alteration of Booking
4.1. Alteration of booking refers to changes requested by the Customer (transferring participation to another person or changing other arrangements), provided that these do not affect the number of participants.
4.2. The Company currently does not charge a fee for the alteration of the booking.
4.3. If the change results in a reduction in the number of participants, cancellation fees will be applicable.

5. Withdrawal (Customer)
5.1. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time before the programme. The date of the electronic letter sent to the Company about the withdrawal is the date of cancellation.
5.2. In the case of cancellations of confirmed bookings, a certain ratio of the participation fee will be forfeit as specified below:
- 30-8 days prior to the programme, 20% of the participation fee;
- 7-2 days prior to the programme, 50% of the participation fee;
- less than 24 hours prior to the programme, 100% of the participation fee.
5.3. In the case of sightseeing walks and excursions, terms of withdrawal and a 100% forfeit applies if the Customer does not arrive in time at the place specified for departure.
5.4. Any refund due to the Customer as a result of a cancellation will be transferred within 5 working days after the withdrawal.

6. Withdrawal (Company)
The Company reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if a minimum number of bookings specified in the programme description has not been received. In such a case, an alternative service of equal or higher value may be offered to the Customer. If the Company can not make such offer or the Customer does not accept the alternative service, the Customer is entitled to a prompt refund of the fee paid.

7. Responsibility of the Customer
7.1. It is the Customer's responsibility to arrive to the meeting points at the times specified in the programme or by the programme leader. In the case of late arrival, the maximum awaiting time is 15 minutes (for private programmes this may be extended upon a notice from the Customer). The Customer is liable for any loss resulted from his late arrival.
7.2. The Customer is responsible to inform the Company or its representative of any disability or medical condition (especially allergies and medical problems with symptoms as seizures, faints etc.) which may occur during the programme, so that the programme leader is prepared to prevent any problems and provide the necessary assistance if required.
7.3. If a booking is made for other person(s), the Customer is responsible for informing the people booked for about the programme details and forwarding the messages received from the Company.

8. Responsibility of the Company
8.1. The Company takes full responsibility for the services provided as part of the contract. If the Company can not provide some of the services specified, he must offer an alternative service with an equal or higher value. If the value of the alternative service is higher than that of the original, the extra cost must not be charged on to the Customer.
8.2. If the Company can not provide an appropriate alternative service, or if the Customer has a justified reason for not accepting it, the Company must refund a part of the participation fee received, proportional to the service cancelled.
8.3. Some of the outdoor programmes offered are subject to suitable weather conditions. This fact is always indicated in the relevant programme description. If such a programme is cancelled due to the weather conditions, the Company must offer an alternative of similar value. If this is not possible or the Customer does not accept the alternative programme for some justified reason, the Customer shall be entitled to a refund of participation fee, proportional to the programme element cancelled.
8.4. The Company is not liable to pay refund for services which the Customer's did not use of his own free will.
8.5. If the Customer has a problem with any service provided under the contract, he must inform immediately the representative of the Company present there, who will assist to resolve the issue. If the Customer is not satisfied with the solution, the representative must prepare a written report of the case. Any complaints regarding the service must be submitted to the Company in writing, accompanied by the report, within 5 days of the termination of the programme. The Company must investigate the complaint and inform the Customer of the result within 30 days.

9. Closing Remark
Participating multiple programmes of ours involves the risk of becoming a Hungarian by heart. The Company takes no responsibility for the consequences! :-)

Valid from 01/01/2017
Last update 28/01/2020